The following resources may provide additional information regarding upgrades and maintanence for your vehicle. These resources are not affiliated with Kelly-Mulhern Performance but are provided as a convenience. Listed in no particular order:

On the Web:

The 3.0 FAQ - This is required reading for anyone serious about discussing the 3.0. - Allpar is a fantastic resource for your Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, or Jeep vehicle. The site covers engines, transmissions, common problems and solutions, etc.

Rob Carter's Home Page - Rob Carter has a wealth of information in his tech pages. He also has some good links to other areas of interest.

Donovan's Dodge Garage - Gary Donovan's site has some interesting information. Most is geared toward the 4 cylinder FWD crowd, but there is also some good 3.0 stuff there as well.

"Books" on Real Paper:

"Forced Induction Performance Tuning - A Practical Guide to Supercharging and Turbocharging" - A. Graham Bell, 2002 - This book has over 400 pages covering various topics related to forced induction - turbochargers, superchargers, intercoolers, turbo headers, intake manifold design, etc etc etc... If you want to learn more about forced induction or build yourself a custom setup, this book is a good read.

"Four Stroke Performance Tuning, Second Edition" - A. Graham Bell, 1999 - This book is perhaps not as well written as the one on forced inducation, but is still a good read. It covers header design, head porting, carburation, cam shafts, cranks, pistons, blocks, etc.

"How to Tune & Modify Chrysler Fuel Injection" - Ben Watson, 1997 - This book is good reading if you are interested in what all of the sensors on your car do and how all of the fuel related electronics work. This book is high on the information side of things and low on the "tune and modify" side.

"Maximum Boost: Designing, Testing, and Installing Turbocharger Systems" - Corky Bell, 1997 - This book overlaps the Forced Induction Performance Tuning book by A. Graham Bell, but presents things a little differently. After going through all of the principles, it walks through the process of turbocharging an actual project car and walks through the decision making process - how much boost to run, which turbo to use, fuel options, etc. This would be a good read for the DIY turbo project.