Our Cars

Mike's 92 Daytona IROC

This is my main car. As you would expect, it's a 3.0L V6 with a 5-speed. It's got about 125,000 miles on it, has power everything, and is a lot of fun to drive.

I bought the IROC in September of 2002 when I got tired of driving my 95 Grand Prix around. Years ago in college, I had driven a 90 Daytona (until Bambi intervened), and I thought I might like to drive another one for awhile. ...and so began my obsession.

Currently this car has:
52mm Throttle Body, Heavily ported plenum, Extrude honed lower intake, Open element K&N filter, McLeod Street Clutch/Pressure Plate,
9lb McLeod Aluminum Flywheel, Pertronix Flame Thrower 8mm wires, KMP solid bobble strut, Quickor polyurethane front motor mount, Koni Shocks & Struts, Eibach Lowering Springs, Spintech Sportsman XL Muffler, Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Custom steel air dam, a 2.5"Exhaust, and a loud set of horns from a 76 Chrysler New Yorker.

Beyond that, my future intentions include:
More valves + more displacement + boost



Ed's 91 Plymouth Voyager

What happens when you have kids? You get the obligatory minivan... BUT that doesn't mean that life is over or that you have to give up and settle for the low performance soccer mom persona. Even a mini-van can become more fun to drive with a little work and with a lot of work... hmmm.

There were a few problems (rattles, hatch strut broken, etc.), which is why it hadn't been driven. So for a small amount of $$$ the van was ours. A trip to the dealer for some recall work and a pair of new rear shocks and all those problems were _GONE_!

Since then a mandrel bent exhaust, 60mm Jeep throttle body, ported heads, a ported lower intake, a ported upper intake, an A-543 transmission, Class 3 tow hitch, and a TV/DVD entertainment system have all been installed. Not only is it a fun ride for the kids, it's also becoming a serious tow vehicle.

The van has been used for towing my '87 Shadow turbo on several occasions. It has towed on short trips to the track and long trips (Including a 1200 mile round trip to the 2003 Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals.)

Even with over 210K miles, expect to see the van pulling tow duty again this summer! I even have a few 'improvements' in mind...

Mike's 91 Dodge Daytona ES

-Sold 10/14/06-

This is my backup car. As the title indicates, it's a 91 Daytona ES. It, of course, has the 3.0L V6 as well as a 5-speed. It's also got the heated mirrors, power windows/locks/mirrors, and the stock infinity sound system. This car used to be owned by a teenage girl and has plenty of dings to show for it. It was also completely filthy inside upon purchase leading me to wonder if a coal miner or a farmer drove it back and forth to work for awhile. Although it might not be the best looking car, it's a decent ride, and a car I'm proud to have in my fleet.

I purchased the car through eBay in December of 2003 with the intent of giving myself something to drive while I worked on the IROC. Upon purchase I drove the car home a little over an hour away and beat the hell out of it along the way to see what it would do. It threw the serpentine belt in my driveway as I parked it ...and then the real problems began. Two months, a radiator, some power steering lines, some fuel lines, a couple tires, a little wiring, and an engine swap later; the car is back up and running strong. Currently it's bone stock with a 168,000 miles on the car and ~90,000 miles on the engine. Who knows on the transmission. This car will probably remain completely stock.... yeah right and I'm going to buy a Honda.



"Daytonastein want some Rice!"





This is a top secret project that Ed has been working on. Daytonstein started as a parts car but has been rapidly been transformed into the Kelly-Mulhern Performance test platform.  The beast will be unveiled at Carlisle in July.

The following represent Daytonastein's current configuration:

-'89 Daytona C/S body
-Junkyard 3.0V6 (supposed to be a '92)
-'90 Daytona A543 transmission (3.50 FD!)
-'89 2.5L T1 AT axles
-'93 Shadow 3.0V6 engine electronics
-Custom hand made wiring harness
-'89 Daytona body harness spliced into the '93 engine electronics
-'87-'89 minivan front motor mount
-MP passenger side mount w/ a stack of spacers
-Modified A-520 trans mount
-'90 Daytona fan
-AC removed for the moment...
-'93 Shadow throttle cable, shifter cables, shifter
-'91 Voyager steering knuckles
-'92 Daytona IROC front calipers
-'87 Shadow strut bearing plate
-'92 IROC front springs
-Daytona Crab rims
-Used tires from a Jaguar 205 60 R16
-Intercooler from an '87 MR2
-Massive cone air filter
-Custom T3 turbo header kit