Crossover Mounted Turbo

May - August 2005

Although not publicized, KMP has over the past year been involved in two customer driven custom turbo projects.  Individuals came forward with specific requests, we discussed their needs and intentions, and we built what the needed.  Without trying we seem to have fallen into the custom fabrication business.

There are a number of ways a turbocharger can be mounted on a 6G72 or any engine for that matter.  The spectrum of methods can range anywhere from ideal to quick & dirty.  While both ends of that spectrum will result in boost, the ideal system will deliver better spooling and a higher top end than the quick & dirty setup.  The ideal also requires lots of fabrication and a hefty design effort to achieve maximum performance making it expensive.  The quick & dirty way sacrifices performance in favor of negligible engineering, minimal fabrication efforts, and a small price.  As with most things, price often shares a relationship with the quality or performance of the final product.  In other words, you get what you pay for.  This particular project is toward the upper end that specturm.

Brent Seman, a fellow 3.0 nut, began discussing plans for a turbo setup with us back in January of 2005.  He wanted something special.  He wanted something different.  He wanted max performance at a price that wouldn’t break the bank.  Over several months, we discussed turbo sizing, oiling, oil lines, header designs, intercoolers, and a number of modifications that would be required to turn his ideas into reality.  He did a tremendous amount of research and legwork, which, in the end, resulted in a pile of parts and a rough design for a turbo header and wastegate setup.  Toward the end of May and after many discussions, we committed to building the KMP version of this vision, a one-off custom crossover-mounted turbo header.  The header was finished in August and sent to Jet-Hot for coating, before finally being installed.  Thus far, the result has delivered outstanding results.  The pictures below are what the setup looked like when it left our hands.

We would like to publicly thank Brent for the opportunity to build his turbo setup.  It was an interesting project, and it will no doubt have an impact on our turbo header designs moving forward.

Pictures of the Setup (Pre-coating)

Here we have the front view of the setup as it would sit in a car.  The stock front exhaust manifold has been retained..  At the lower right is a Tial wastegate.  The turbo is a big T04E with a divided T3 flange.  Note that the upper plenum has been reversed.
Here's a closer shot of the wastegate plumbing.  The wastegate is fed by two bends breaking off from the legs of the crossover that later come together.  The output of the wastegate just dumps out in front of the trans.

Here's a shot of the setup from the end.   Here you can see the legs of the crossover feeding up into each half of the divided T3 flange.  You can also see how the wastegate plumbing comes off of the crossover legs. Here's a shot of the back of the setup.  Note the rear manifold.

This Cell Intentionally Left Blank

Here's a closer shot of the rear manifold.  It is intended to be a simple low profile log that mimicks the front, although this one probably flows better than the front does.